19/2 Workshop:
 Oskarhamns Folkhögskola, Sweden

18/2 Concert: Oskarhamns Folkhögskola, Sweden
Improvisations over the two Albums “Trip” and “Lost /Found” + new material.


We re happy to give away a little Chritmas gift. 14 improvisations that we did in Visby on the island Gotland this summer. We met for two days just to investigate new material. We sat in a nice villa in the inner city and recorded without aiming for an album, but we found it quite nice after listened to it after a half ear and decided to share it with you here on Soundcloud. Happy New Year everybody and thanks for following us this year!

27/11 We are happy to announce the release of “Sand” on Spotify.
Will also be available as download on I-tunes in a near future!

21/11 Vallentuna Guitar Festival at 18.30
Hear the concert here



GITARRFESTiVALlentuna BAST 2015 BAST kopia

19/11 Private Concert Stockholm

14/11 Concert Visby. With Annika Fehling.
Metodistkyrkan kl. 15.00

Gotland Metodistkyrkan

12/11 Concert in Kråksmåla kyrka 19.00
Watch the concert here


11/10 Uppsala International Guitarfestival

Nyman/Levin had the honour to play a concert with Terry Riley and his work “In C”.

40 guitarists lead by the eminent duo Gothenburg Combo.

Swedish Radio SR recorded the concert.

image2  NL Uppsala  image1

More info here:

7-10/5 New sketches and recordings on Gotland. We had a fantastic 3 days with
a couple of new compositions and some 2 hours of recorded improvisations.

IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4707

We also found time for a little jam in the Cathedral of Visby. What a fantastic acoustic for our music!


From the new album! Shimmering rooms. Videoart: Matthias Fritsch

it will be available 1/5 2015 on all major digital channels

2015-04-22 Lost & Found has arrived! The strange thing with the title “Lost & Found” is that it was lost in the layout! 🙂 After have proofread the layout several times none of us discovered that it wasn’t in the layout. So, maybe we should refer this album as the “black&white” album…

We met three nights in our studio in central Stockholm and came up with the idea to explore old school instruments: steel string guitars, zither, school organ.. First we improvised a lot of zither-music, enough for a whole album. But we felt in the end that it would be nice to blend in some other timbres from different instruments and therefor we brought in the three pieces for two 12-string guitars in the very end of the production. What differs the new album from our first album “Trip” is that we mix compositions with improvisations. Some of the titles are notated and have a strict form and some of the tunes are pure improvisations. Let’s see if you can discover it!?

The last steps now. The master is created…

A brand new album in late April! “Lost&Found”

Rotterdam Thursday 19/3.  Fylkingen Art Festival!

Work in progress screening of Wolfgang Lehmann’s short film “Songs from Paradise”

Music from Nyman/Levin’s album “Trip” and the upcoming “Lost&Found”

Skärmavbild 2015-03-16 kl. 11.39.06

Pics from the recordings…

IMG_3751 kopia



Nyman/Levin on Swedish Radio P2. Broadcasted 15/2 2015:

The new Album “Lost & Found” will be on its way in late April

This time we’ve been working with old school instruments such as: the old school organ, zither and some steels string guitars. More info will follow soon, at this time we’re just amazed over the sounds we found in the old instruments – Lost & Found…

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