2015-04-22 Lost & Found has arrived! The strange thing with the title “lost&Found” is that it was lost in the layout! 🙂 After have proofread the layout several times none of us discovered that it wasn’t in the layout. So, maybe we should refer this album as the “black&white” album…

We met three nights in our studio in central Stockholm and came up with the idea to explore old school instruments: steel string guitars, zither, school organ.. First we improvised a lot of zither-music, enough for a whole album. But we felt in the end that it would be nice to blend in some other timbres from different instruments and therefor we brought in the three pieces for two 12-string guitars in the very end of the production. What differs the new album from our first album “Trip” is that we mix compositions with improvisations. Some of the titles are notated and have a strict form and some of the tunes are pure improvisations. Let’s see if you can discover it!?


Guitars we played on the recordings


Control room in our studio


The second album “Lost&Found” was recorded on four different nights between october 2014 and january 2015. The procedure was a little different than on the first album. We’ll tell you more closer to the release…


The first album “TRIP” was recorded at StudioLevin in the evenings of 28/4 and 7-8/5, 2014. The sessions were about 60-90 minutes long. We’ve picked 10 takes from the sessions for the album.


image-4 image-3 image-2 image-1 image-6


Skärmavbild 2014-05-20 kl. 17.03.14

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